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Unique HTML tags that are quite helpful

Unique HTML Tags

Nowadays, websites have become one of the top priorities for all kinds of businesses. This is why web development as a career option has taken a rocket ship. As a result, there are tremendous advancements in web technologies and tools. Every day, we see new frameworks and some new version updates get launched. There is a misconception that the core web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are not advancing. To disprove this, in this post, we will see some unique HTML tags and how they add value to our web pages.

Some of you might be wondering why we should use these semantic tags? Why not just put everything in div and add styling? Well mainly 2 reasons

  1. Semantic elements help web crawlers which in turn results in better SEO
  2. Semantic elements are a big benefit for accessibility

You can read more about advantages of semantic elements here: https://dev.to/samkiroko/html5-semantic-tags-why-you-need-to-use-them-2872


The address tag is used to render contact information on the web page. Generally, this information belongs to the author/owner of the web page. The browser will generally add a linebreak before and after address tag. Also, the content of the address tab is rendered in italics.


Fieldset is a perfect HTML tag to use when you are working with lengthy forms. Fieldset is used to divide the form into different sections. The browser adds a border around the fieldset for differentiation.


Abbr tag is used to describe an abbreviation or an acronym. It is generally used with the title attribute which describes the abbreviation. Although the full form is not shown on the browser, search engines and assistive devices see this information.


Mark tag is used to mark some text on a web page. It is generally used to emphasize text with italics or bold. The browser will apply a color to the content inside Mark. This will help in highlighting content to the user.


BDO is a very unique element that stands for Bi-directional override. With the help of BDO, we can specify how text is read or rendered. We can even specify the direction of render.


We can go on and on in this list about what amazing things html can do. I would encourage you folks to always look out if there is already a semantic element that does what you are doing. Until then, Happy Coding!!


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